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Getting Support for Infertility

A recent study that found women who remain childless after infertility treatment are more likely to experience depression, anxiety and mood disorders has blogger Suzanne Rico saying "No Duh!"

Rico writes in her blog:

    A new study now confirms what I have always known; infertility can drive you crazy … I wonder if I’m the only one who sees this as a no-brainer. I’m no doctor or psychologist, but I have counseled many women struggling with infertility, and not one has escaped the distress, anxiety, moodiness and depression that were often my unwanted companions.

It may be a no-brainer that infertility causes psychological distress, but it's not always a no brainer finding help. Many fertility clinics have counselors on staff; however, others may need to refer to you someone. Support is available in many forms, online through message boards and chat rooms, through individual counseling, or group support such as peer-led or professionally-led support groups.

For more information, visit FertilityAuthority's Infertility Support section.

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