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Giuliana and Bill's New Arrival

Sometimes, when you’re going through infertility treatments, you can get jealous and competitive (Example: You produced five follicles while your friend produced twenty!) We’re human and it’s natural to occasionally let the green eyed monster rear its ugly head.

However, I would imagine that there isn’t an "infertile" alive who can’t help but feel nothing but pure joy for Giuliana Rancic. (Please check out Leigh Ann Woodruff’s article by clicking here.)

Their journey has included several in vitro fertilitizations, a miscarriage, Giuliana’s breast cancer diagnosis and most recently, their decision to use a surrogate. Sharing their experiences so openly on Giuliana and Bill introduced and educated many who were otherwise unaware what fertility treatments entailed. It also made couples going through the same exact issues feel not so alone.

So, on behalf of the entire staff of Fertility Authority, we say welcome to the world Edward Duke and congratulations Giuliana and Bill!

To read more about fertility news, issues or advice, please visit Fertility Authority or as always, stop by FertileThoughts for emotional support!

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