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As the Summer Olympics draw closer, we can feel our competitive spirit kicking into high gear. So, when we came across a story about donor sperm from the United States generating more pregnancies in Israel than Israeli donor sperm, "Go USA" just popped into our heads.

Essentially, the Male Infertility and IVF Unit at Tel Aviv's Asaf Harofeh Medical Center examined 11,052 fertility treatments that used sperm from Israeli donors and 2,834 treatments that used donor sperm imported from the United States over a period of 11 years. They found that with in vitro fertilization (IVF), 7.9 percent of women who were treated with foreign donor sperm got pregnant, as opposed to only 4.1 percent of IVF treatments that ended successfully with Israeli sperm. Artificial insemination showed similar results, with 9.1 percent success for foreign sperm, and only 6.4 percent for the local variety.

The study's authors did note that one of the reasons for the success with U.S. imported sperm could be because the women requesting foreign sperm are usually younger.

Whatever the reason, it's good to hear that our boys are doing well in the IVF and IUI events!

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