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Happy Memorial Day!

We hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day! Fire up the grill, jump in the pool, relax …

The great thing about Memorial Day is not only that it's a day off from work, but it is a holiday that has absolutely NOTHING to do with fertility. Being a mothers or a father or a kid isn't the focus — the Americans who have served our country and died in a war are.

It is truly a day where you can avoid family gatherings if you want to because you went out of town for the weekend, or you're heading to a parade or quick jaunt to the lake for the day. Take this time to relax with your partner and think about something other than trying to get pregnant.

Of course, if you ARE heading to a family (or neighbor) cook-out, arm yourself with our favorite weapon: humor. We dug up a blog from the archives in which Lori Shandle-Fox tells us how to keep from being skewered at your next barbecue. Read: This Summer, Be the Griller, not the Grilled.

Have a great day!

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