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Happy Monday! Start Your Week Off Right!

It’s Monday! The start of a new week! When you have fertility concerns or if you are in the middle of going through in vitro, insemination, adoption, surrogacy or you're in the process of being diagnosed, beginning the week can be a daunting task. In order to fight the good fight and hopefully have a wonderful week, here are a few things you can do to get your week started off right!

  • Plan ahead and make your ‘to do’ list for the week (and make sure it’s not overwhelming or unrealistic)
  • Go over your schedule and where you’re supposed to be when (and ALSO make sure it’s not overwhelming or unrealistic)
  • Have your work clothes all ready to go for the week!
  • Visualize an amazing seven days ahead of you where everything falls into place.
  • Take a moment each day and remember all the good things in your life whether it’s your life, your job, your family, your friends, and the blessings you do have.
  • Be sure to get enough sleep so you’re well rested and ready for the day.
  • Have music that inspires you ready to go!
  • Eat well and drink plenty of water. Both will do you good.
  • Remember to take breaks from technology. Put down your cell phone, walk away from your computer, turn off the television and breathe!
  • Hang an inspiring morning picture at your desk, in your bedroom or somewhere you can see it.
  • Remember to take time to just enjoy your partner. With infertility, it’s easy to let that dominate the conversation but be sure to schedule “infertility-free” conversations too!
  • And remember that you can always find support and motivation at FertileThoughts!

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