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Have Your Own Fertility Festival

If you happen to be heading to the Philippines today, you may want to check out the three-day Obando Fertility Rites fiesta in Obando, Bulacan, May 17-19. During this festival, the men, women and children of Obando dance on the street in traditional costume to the music of instruments made out of bamboo. They are followed by the images of their patron saints: San Pascual Baylon (St. Paschal), Santa Clara (St. Clare) and Nuestra Señora de Salambao (Our Lady of Salambao).

Santa Clara is patron saint of the childless. The religious procession is performed primarily to ask the spirit of life to enter into the wombs of women. People from other towns in the Philippines join in the fiesta, too, to ask the patron saints for a son or a daughter.

If you're trying to conceive, we're not suggesting that you head to the Philippines — or even dance in the streets. But May is a great month to have your own mini-festival. Relax, throw open the windows, turn up the music and dance like nobody's watching.

Except the fertility gods, of course.

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