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Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation

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Women who have lost ovarian function or whose eggs are not of good quality and those who are carriers of genetic disorders can experience pregnancy, birth and parenthood with the use of donated oocytes; but coming to this decision is not an easy process
Having Your Baby through Egg Donation answers questions about age and pregnancy and parenting, about talking to children about their donor conception, about ethical and religious questions, about honesty vs secrecy, about communicating with a parenting partner, and more in a compassionate, fully informed manner. Vignettes describing the decision making and experience of others who have traveled this road to parenthood expand and exemplify research and philosophical resources. This book helps individuals and couples, including those with special circumstances (e.g. gay and lesbian, single women, multi-ethnic families) decide whether egg donation is right for them. It addresses such questions as: “Should we choose adoption or egg donation?” and “Should I ask a my sister to donate and if so, how do I raise the subject with her?” and “How do I evaluate a recruited-donor program?” Ethical and religious questions are explored as well as the logistics of finding a donor, attempting pregnancy, history and future directions and much, much more.
Ellen Sarasohn Glazer and Evelina Weidman Sterling provide both compassionate support and essential information about how to pursue pregnancy and parenthood through egg donation in this comprehensive tool.