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The Healthy Male and His Fertility

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Dr. Matthew Wosnitzer is a urologic surgeon specializing in male infertility in the Yale New Haven Health System - Northeast Medical Group in Fairfield, Connecticut. Dr. Wosnitzer welcomes patients from throughout Connecticut, the United States, and international locations. Dr. Wosnitzer presents his research consistently throughout the United States including the annual meetings of the American Urological Association, American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and the American Society of Andrology.

Dr. Wosnitzer’s research interests include causes of male infertility, study of microsurgical techniques for vasectomy reversal, and antibiotic usage patterns for inflatable penile prosthesis insertion. Dr. Wosnitzer is involved in the peer-review process as a reviewer for Andrology and the Scandinavian Journal of Urology.

In this blog, Dr. Wosnitzer clarifies the male contribution to a couple’s fertility. Male fertility can be affected by genetics, diet, medications, and environment. Men are an important part of the fertility equation, with the male partner identified to be a cause of infertility in up to 50% of infertile couples. Every man should know the basics of how to maintain and possibly improve his fertility and well being.


A blog by Dr. Matthew Wosnitzer
November 5, 2014

Lower calorie diet and weight loss may improve fertility1 , testosterone2 and erectile dysfunction in obese men including men with metabolic syndrome and sleep apnea by altering hormonal profiles, insulin, inflammatory markers, and leptin3,4.

A blog by Dr. Matthew Wosnitzer
October 22, 2014

Male fertility issues likely are directly linked to the hormonal abnormalities which are common with obesity.

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