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Helping you Navigate the 'Weird Science'

In her latest blog, "Weird Science," Suzanne Rico talks about the somewhat stunned reactions she gets from people when she tells them how her first child was conceived via in vitro ferilization (IVF), and her second child was born with the help of a gestational surrogate.

When you're in the midst of fertility treatment and words like "intracytoplasmic sperm injection" roll effortlessly off your tongue, it's easy to forget that friends and family members may have no earthly idea what you're talking about when you're debating the whether preimplantation genetic screening is necessary for your embryos. They may have no idea that how advanced the advanced reproductive technology really is these days!

Luckily FertilityAuthority is here to help. When you are met with puzzled looks and blank stares, send them to our handy "Fertility A-Z" guide in the navigation bar on the home page. They'll find everything they need right at their fingertips — from egg donation to IVF to unexplained infertility

Still confused by all those acronyms? FertileThoughts has an acronym guide.. And you can always log into the forums and ask questions!

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