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Here Comes Peter Cottontail ...

Well, thankfully it's not Christmas, and you don't have to endure two months worth of Jingle Bells and commercials that start well before Halloween. Still, Easter and Passover — the spring holidays — can cause their own melancholy for couples who are having trouble conceiving.

Both Passover and Easter have the egg as a central symbol, and that, along with all of those chicks and bunnies, can accentuate people's feelings of emptiness during the "fertile" season. And getting together with family and friends often means that children are everywhere, which can also be difficult.

No need to drown your sorrows in a Cadbury cream egg, though. Check out FertilityAuthority's Spring Holiday Survival Tips for Infertility for advice on how to sail through — and actually enjoy — this weekend and any other holidays that come along.

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