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Hoda and Kathie Lee Explore Infertility

Kathie Lee and Hoda had a segment on the Today show last week titled "What You Need to Know about Infertility." The morning show hosts interviewed Jamie Grifo, M.D., with NYU Fertility Center to bring more awareness to the impact of age on fertility.

Dr. Grifo told viewers: "It's a lot harder to get pregnant that you think."

The show also briefly touched on egg freezing as a back-up plan, and Dr. Grifo reminded us that the optimal age for freezing eggs is under 35. (Many fertility doctors say women are coming into fertility clinics at age 39 or 40 asking about egg freezing.)

Dr. Grifo said: "You can't assume that you're fertile — there's only one test for fertility, and that's trying to get pregnant." The main takeaway from the segment: You need to be thinking about your fertility as early as your 20s. Stay fit and healthy, and if you have to delay childbearing for any reason, be aware of the difficulties you may face and plan ahead.

To help you plan for your future, check out FertilityAuthority's Age and Fertility section.

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