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So, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It's a great holiday with lots of food and little pressure to do anything but eat and relax in front of parades and football ...

Wait, did we really just say "little pressure?" There's always pressure when a family gets together, particularly from our Mothers. Just a few words from these kind souls can send us reeling. It doesn't matter what situation we're in, most Moms can turn up the heat in the kitchen until you're ready to run screaming from the boiler room.

Maybe it's something like …

    "So, why haven't you made me a grandmother yet? What are you waiting for? You've been married a whole year now!

Or …

    Why can't you find the right man to get married so I can hurry up and have grandchildren. You're not getting any younger. What about that boy that took you to the eighth grade dance? Bob was his name. I heard he was getting divorced. Maybe I could call his mom and arrange a blind date.

Or, you may even have to listen to this …

    My friend Barbara's interior decorator's stepdaughter tried everything to get pregnant, and you know what worked? They had just filed papers for adoption, and she got pregnant. You just need to relax, and you'll be popping out grandchildren in no time."

Regardless of how bad a situation may be making us feel, there is no doubt our families can make us feel worse. Just in time for the holidays, Alec, the Infertility Guy, explores the pressures created by a mother who wants her grandchildren. Don't miss 42 Years Old and Hounded by Mom.

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