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Hot Trend: Egg Freezing- Which Hollywood Stars Are Doing It?

Close your eyes and envision Los Angeles. The warm sun on your face, the boutiques lining Rodeo Drive, the glisten of celebrity gametes in a freezer. Wait, what?

The hot new trend in Hollywood isn’t the latest Dior line, it’s egg freezing. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Coco Austin, wife of rapper Ice-T, have been giving the newest form of fertility preservation a lot of attention- and for a good reason!

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Both Kardashian (32) and Austin (33) are at the prime age for egg freezing, so time is of the essence! The process includes stimulating egg growth with injectable fertility drugs, an outpatient procedure for egg retrieval, and the latest fast-freeze technology in egg freezing called vitrification.

Many celebs have been dedicating their early 30s to their career rather than settling down and building a family- we get it- but keep in mind that just because you are delaying time to motherhood, doesn’t mean your body has hit the snooze button on ovarian aging.

Video: What is egg freezing for fertility preservation?

As we approach 35, our fertility declines. A healthy woman at the age of 30 has a 20% chance of conceiving each month- that number declines to just 5% once she hits 40. Egg freezing at a young age will maximize the odds of having healthy eggs to be fertilized later when the time is right. We say go for it, ladies! You will never regret giving yourself the best shot at fertility you can.

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