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Houston, TX, Fertility Guide

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Houston made a splash in the fall of 2010 when a Houston mother gave birth to quintuplets after undergoing fertility treatments in a Houston fertility clinic. Houston is home to six of Texas’s 33 fertility clinics. These fertility clinics offer a wide variety of comprehensive fertility treatments in excellent facilities, and have overall had lots of success in helping women to conceive. There are approximately 15 fertility doctors in and around Houston.

Houston also has a full range of fertility services. These include infertility counselors, reproductive health lawyers, and fertility acupuncturists, massage therapists and mind-body classes.

A large amount of fertility research happens in Houston, which covers many infertility topics. If you’re interested in participating a study, talk to your fertility doctor and visit for more information about these studies.

Texas does require insurance coverage for fertility treatment. However, their requirements are more nuanced and complex than many other states. This means that it is absolutely critical that you understand your insurance policy’s requirements for infertility to be covered and what exactly it covers. Remember, too, though, that many Houston fertility clinics offer payment plans, competitive pricing, financial assurance plans and other financial options that can help you afford IVF and other fertility treatments.

Fertility treatment information and statistics from individual Houston fertility clinics are available in the most recent Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report, which is compiled by the CDC.