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Like an Infertile in a Fertility Drug Store

Fertility drugs are a vital part of infertility treatment. Since there are quite a few out there and costs can range, keeping track of which medications are which can be a daunting task. Fertility Authority has written various, helpful articles on the subject. Here are just a few to help keep you informed and keep you from getting overwhelmed:

Fertility Drug Checklist: Consider these questions when choosing a pharmacy for purchasing fertility drugs.

Fertility Drug Side Effects Range from Mild to Serious: A breakdown of various of fertility drugs and side effects to look out for.

Fertility Drug Discounts: Various ways you may be able to acquire fertility medications at less expensive rates.

Buying Fertility Drugs: a> A list of choices in terms of where you can buy your medications.

Are There Any Over-the-Counter Fertility Drugs? A fertility nurse answers your questions about over-the-counter infertility medications.

And as always, please remember to stop by FertileThoughts for emotional support!

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