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Infertility and Marriage: Tips for Survival

A marriage is like a balloon and all too often, dealing with infertility can be like a heavy weight resting on that balloon. It’s a lot of pressure and couples have to work extra hard to make sure they don’t let the added stress hurt their relationship. It’s certainly not easy but here are a few tips to help make it through:

  • Remember other positive aspects to your relationship that don’t involve having children. It’s so easy to lost focus on other areas of yours and your partner’s relationship when you get so focused on working towards having a family. Perhaps take an hour each day where you don’t talk about it or even better, have a whole night that’s infertility free.
  • Communicate with your partner. Decisions need to be made, finances need to be discussed and feelings should always be expressed. Throughout it all, communication is key.
  • Join a support group both on your own and as a couple. It can help tremendously to know you’re not alone and to share your feelings with those who understand.
  • Simple, small gestures and steps can make the difference. Whether it’s a bouquet of roses, baking together, going for a walk, sending a friendly text or going to the moves, never underestimate the power of little ways to distract each other and simple ways to say I love you.
  • Keep part of your lives separate. Sometimes, we all need our alone time to clear our own heads or indulge in a little something we enjoy. It could be watching a game with the guys, getting a drink with the girls, going to the gym or simply reading a book. Alone time can be helpful in staying sane!
  • Don’t hold grudges, don’t assign blame and forgive easily. Now is not the time to be adversarial. It’s important to be true partners and stick together during this process. Respect each other always and be each other's cheerleader.
  • Find humor in everything. It may seem impossible when dealing with issues of fertility but there are few greater stress relievers then laughing. Cervical mucus can be funny – I promise!
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