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Infertility Does Not Mean You're Alone in a Crowd

Infertility can make you feel like you are sitting alone in a crowd of people. Hundreds of strangers surround you, yet you may feel like you’re the only one in the room. That woman is pregnant; that couple has a baby; that father is happily pushing a stroller while you sit alone watching from the sidelines.

We’re here to remind you that you are NOT alone in infertility. You may be sitting in the crowd, but you are choosing to feel alone. How do you know that mom-to-be didn’t struggle with infertility as well? How do you know those children weren’t conceived through a surrogate? And why do you assume that that family of four didn’t struggle to adopt their young children?

Every stranger sitting in that crowd is dealing with their own fears and issues, and she might be feeling exactly how you’re feeling. You are only alone in a crowd of people if you choose to be. Get talking. Start smiling. And you will see that you are never alone.

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