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The Infertility Glow

We’ve all heard that pregnant women have that special glow, but how about that equally special (and lesser known) infertility glow?

Due to stress and changing hormones, your skin might look a little more red and pimply than you would like. It might even feel like you’ve reverted back to your high school days when the captain of Acne Cheerleading Squad would pay you a weekly visit. Even though you’re older, your body might be going through a lot of changes, leading to more breakouts and oilier skin.

If you’re feeling less than beautiful these days, just remember that hormonal changes might also mean that fertility drugs are helping your body to work properly and get ready for pregnancy. Anyway, this infertility glow is just a nice introduction to the acne club of pregnancy and will only help prepare your skin for the hormonal changes after conceiving.

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