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The Infertility Journey — 'Let's Just See How It Goes'

The road to pregnancy can be filled with lots of peaks and valleys.

Both can be dealt with a lot easier and more effectively if we try to take things as they come. It’s so hard not to jump head first into Lake “What If."

“What if I don’t get pregnant? What if we’re trying for a year? What if I go to a doctor and they find something wrong?”

We're always trying to predict the unpredictable.

The danger with "What Ifs" is that we start with rational ones, and before we know it, they've snowballed into the ridiculous.

"What if I go to a fertility doctor and they find that I can't get pregnant because I was born with three uteruses? What if the only fertility clinic that can help me is in Greece, and I can't get the time off from work? What if we can't afford the fertility treatments, and we have to have a giant yard sale and sell our cars, everything in our storage unit, and our pets?"

The best way to counter-attack the chronic "What Ifs" is the "Let's Just See How it Goes" method. That one simple phrase is the answer to every unanswerable infertility question.

"What if my new fertility drugs don't work? Let's just see how it goes." "What if I never get pregnant? Let's just see how it goes." "What if I finally decide to go to a fertility clinic and I hate it there? Let's just see how it goes."

Which feels more soothing, comforting and reassuring: Cutting off your anxious thoughts before they get the better of you by tossing a simple phrase after them or staying up all night sweating, pacing and driving your partner crazy wondering if you're the first woman on the planet to be born with three uteruses?

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