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International Assisted Reproduction Center

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Steven H. Snyder
11270 86th Avenue North
Maple Grove, Minnesota 55369

The International Assisted Reproduction Center (IARC®) ovum donor and surrogacy programs are located in Maple Grove, Minnesota, with medical treatment occurring at various North American fertility clinics. IARC®'s staff establishes and maintains a good working relationship with the clinic you select. IARC® follows your care closely and communicates regularly with each fertility clinic's staff to provide a coordinated program plan.

Steven H. Snyder , Esq., Executive Director of IARC®, will supervise every aspect of your program. In addition, as an attorney, he will personally draft and/or coordinate all the legal documents for your program. IARC contracts are based on 20 years of assisted reproduction experience. IARC® will send thorough agreements to all of the parties for signatures. Although it is recommended that you have a separate attorney to advise you regarding your initial agreement with IARC®, feel free to call with any general questions that you may have regarding any of the agreements into which you must enter.

For those who use a surrogate, IARC® works with lawyers in the various states where the surrogates will give birth. IARC® can help you find a lawyer who will outline legal requirements and procedures for you when you are considering a surrogate so that you fully understand the legal atmosphere in the state of delivery. Once the pregnancy occurs, IARC® will facilitate communication between you and your lawyer and will help to reduce your legal fees by compiling the necessary legal documentation.

As you pursue your ovum donor and/or surrogacy program, you will be speaking to various staff members who will be helping with different parts of your program. IARC® has weekly update meetings continual communication among staff so that your program continues to move along in an efficient, steady, and organized manner.

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Practice Description: 

Based in Maple, Minnesota, the International Assisted Reproduction Center (IARC®) has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of surrogacy and ovum/egg donation. IARC®'s procedures are based on more than 1,000 surrogate and ovum/egg donor births.

IARC® handles all aspects of each assisted reproduction program, whether it involves an ovum/egg donation, a surrogate or both. IARC® works closely with each client to ensure arrangements are customized to meet the specific needs of prospective parents, surrogates and egg donors. The agency assists clients in regard to the following:

  • Ovum/egg donation
  • Gestational surrogacy
  • Traditional surrogacy
  • Screening and selection of surrogates and egg donors

The Staff of the International Assisted Reproduction Center for Ovum Donation and Surrogacy is committed to:

    The Intended Parent, who must always receive personalized, attentive and knowledgeable assistance with all aspects of his or her fertility program.

    Fertility Helper, who must always be treated as a valued and respected member of our program.

    The Unborn Child, who deserves a safe place to thrive before and after birth.

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