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It's Not Exactly Like the 'X' Factor

It's not exactly like the 'X' factor, but male factor infertility IS something you should look for when you and your partner are having trouble getting pregnant. In approximately half of all infertile couples, male factor infertility is involved.

FertilityAuthority is a great resource for your questions about male factor infertility. Whether you have questions about a medical diagnosis, are getting started with a fertility work-up; want to know more about your semen analysis or sperm fragmentation test; or are looking for ways to boost male fertility, you'll find information on FertilityAuthority.

And don't forget, if you are having trouble conceiving, but haven't visited a fertility doctor yet, FertilityAuthority is your most comprehensive source for finding a local fertility doctor or local fertility clinic!

Click here to find a fertility doctor in your area.

Click here to find a fertility clinic in your area.

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