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Julia Child’s Childlessness

On Wednesday, August 15th 2012, Julia Child would have celebrated her 100th birthday. Chef, author, and television personality; her achievements were monumental and inspirational. Her cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and her cooking show, “The French Chef” are classics that have inspired generations.

It wasn’t until I saw the movie JULIE AND JULIA however that I learned of Ms. Child’s infertility issues. I would imagine that anyone who has had difficulty trying to conceive can relate to the scene where Julia finds out that her sister is pregnant. Meryl Streep conveys the moment both with tears and a struggle to be joyful. With almost no dialogue, so much was conveyed in that moment. She was, of course, happy for her sister but sad for herself.

Obviously, we don’t know if this moment ever actually happened and Julia Child herself never spoke about infertility. The only thing she had ever said on the subject was her admission in her memoir that children would have been nice but that it just never happened.

We will never know Julia Child’s real feelings on the subject but it’s safe to say that no matter what her private struggles may or may not have been, she had a wonderful enthusiasm for life. And so, I will leave you with one of her famous quotes: “Learn how to cook -- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun."

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