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Kansas City, KS, Fertility Guide


If you are struggling with infertility in Kansas City, you have a several well-established fertility clinic options right in your own backyard. There are five fertility clinics in Kansas City that offer basic fertility treatments and advanced assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures. These Kansas City fertility clinics are either independently-run clinics or operate in conjunction with area universities or established physician health systems.

Kansas City fertility clinics offer the full spectrum of infertility treatments. Fertility services offered range from infertility diagnostics and fertility tests to basic and advanced treatments. Fertility patients can receive basic services like fertility medications to advanced options like in vitro fertilization (IVF). Some Kansas City fertility clinics also offer third-party assisted reproductive technology techniques like egg donation or surrogacy, while others offer fertility preservation for males and females.

There are five fertility clinics located in the Kansas City area, so how can you make sure you choose the best clinic for your specific needs? It is important to do you research before you choose a fertility clinic in Kansas City. Some fertility clinics specialize in treating certain conditions, while others may have more experience with specific techniques. It is helpful to visit fertility clinics you are considering and to schedule an infertility consultation with one of the fertility doctors on staff. This will give you a better feel on how the fertility doctor treats his or her patients, as well as the atmosphere of the fertility clinic and the staff.

If you are considering a third-party ART procedure, it is a good idea to retain the services of a reproductive technology attorney who specializes in the field. Since there are no laws in Kansas or Missouri that deal specifically with surrogacy, your reproductive technology lawyer can help guide you through the process. Your attorney can help protect your rights, as well as those of your surrogate, throughout your entire process.

An infertility diagnosis can be an isolating experience, and you may feel emotionally separated from those who may otherwise serve as your support system. It is helpful to consider seeing an infertility therapist to help you throughout your fertility treatment process. Kansas City infertility therapists can help you manage your stress, cope with grief, and work towards positive changes in your life. Reaching out to a professional like an infertility therapist can be one of the most important decisions you make throughout your fertility treatment process.

For more information on Kansas City fertility clinics, such as treatments offered or success rates, you can consult the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report, which is compiled by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).