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Kentucky Fertility Guide

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There are four fertility clinics in Kentucky, which are located in the cities of Lexington and Louisville.

You have many fertility doctor options in Kentucky, so how can you pick the right one for you? One important way to choose a fertility doctor is to schedule an infertility consultation with the doctors you are considering. This allows you to meet with them one-on-one, and ask any questions you may have.

When deciding on a fertility doctor, it’s also important to take factors about the clinic into consideration. You want to choose a clinic that’s convenient for you, like one that’s close to your home or one that offers weekend or evening hours.

There are several fertility clinics in Kentucky that offer surrogacy. Like many states, Kentucky has no clear-cut law on surrogacy agreements, though case law seems to indicate that uncompensated agreements would be allowed. It is very important that you retain the services of a reproductive law attorney if you are considering the surrogacy process. Your attorney can help you navigate the legal issues and protect your rights.

Paying for fertility treatments can be expensive, and there is no mandate that requires insurance companies in Kentucky to provide coverage or offer coverage for treatment. Still, it’s important to check with a rep from your insurance plan to see if they may offer any kind of coverage.

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