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Let's Hear It for the Boys

For many reasons, an infertility diagnosis, a miscarriage and fertility treatment are some of the most stressful and emotional events that a woman can experience. Women undergoing fertility treatment such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) report levels of stress, anxiety and depression that equal those of women who have received a diagnosis of cancer.

During the roller-coaster ride of infertility, women often worry about everyone else — friends, family or co-workers — and how much to share with them about their feelings, their diagnosis and their treatment. But the one person we may forget to talk to is our male partner — the one who is actually taking the journey with us.

In her latest blog, "A Letter to the Guys Who Love Us," Traci Shahan reminds us to remember "The ones who sit quietly in exam rooms, the ones who hold their beloveds’ hands, the ones who embrace the women they love if they get bad news or good news."

Read this blog and then go give the one you love a hug.

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