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Male Fertility Madness

March Madness is about to commence! With the ACC tournament this weekend and the official kick-off to the NCAA tournament next week, will your guy be glued to his chair, eating the chips and dip, and scaring the dog with his outbursts?

It would be so nice if sportscasters and advertisers would take this time to remind guys how important their lifestyle is to their fertility. Maybe we could suggest a bit of 'Male Fertility Madness' — just a few public service announcements that come on during time-outs and half-time. For example:

  • Hey dude, put the beer away. You want those swimmers to swim, not drown, right?
  • If you're following another game on your laptop, get it off your lap!
  • Man, get out of the bar — all that secondhand smoke can damage your baby-making DNA!
  • Don't be a couch potato! Get your moves on for reproductive health.
  • Five fruits and veggies a day makes the sperm better at play!

OK, so we know we're not likely to see those public service announcements during the Sweet 16. If you want to get the fertility message across to your guy, try sending him the link to Fertility Boosters for Men.

Happy March Madness!

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