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Meet Our Boston Fertility Nurse of the Month

The fertility nurse is one of the most important people on your fertility team. He or she provides you with information and education about your fertility treatment, answers your questions, helps you navigate the process and lends a supportive shoulder and a listening ear. That's why FertilityAuthority likes to recognize those special nurses that have made a difference in patients' lives.

Boston Fertility Nurse Megan LeMien is FertilityAuthority's first Fertility Nurse of the Month for 2012. Le Mien, a graduate of Regis College, is the IVF coordinator with Boston IVF. She was inspired to enter the field of women's health by her mother, who has been a labor and delivery nurse for more than 25 years.

The patient who nominated LeMien says LeMien truly listens to her and never makes her feel "silly." According to LeMien: "I find that if patients are prepared ahead of time for what they are up against, they will be able to adapt to things just a little easier along the way."

Do you have a fertility nurse who is a great listener and been very supportive through your fertility treatment process? Please nominate him or her for Fertility Nurse of the Month by clicking here. We will contact you if your nurse is chosen to be our Fertility Nurse of the Month.

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