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The Multiple Cycle IVF Companion: A Personal Organizer for Multiple IVF Cycles

The IVF Companion for Multiple Cycles is a guided personal organizer with over 60 pages of calendars, charts, logs and worksheets specially designed to help you prepare for, track and organize all the details of your current and multiple IVF Cycles. It allows you to put your past and current IVF cycles side by side and view changes from cycle to cycle. It compares the following details of up to four cycles at once: Hormone Levels; Protocols, Diagnosis and Testing; Dates & Cycle Lengths; Stimulation Response and Follicle Growth; Retrieval and Transfer Outcomes; Medication Types and Levels; Two Week Wait, early pregnancy and other physical observances; Post Cycle Review Worksheets. If you have already undergone one or more rounds of IVF you know that multiple cycles come with their own set of challenges & concerns. Staying informed and organized at this stage is vitally important because it provides a wealth of information and great piece of mind. Also, many patients change clinics, insurance and other practitioners during their journey, so organizing information becomes more important as you acquire more contacts. The exterior binder is a discreet, durable and stylish and covered in a rich Chestnut Linen Book Cloth made from durable, coated material that resists stains and wear. Its full color, tab divided sections are interchangeable and designed to be customized. The D-Ring Binder opens easily, lays flat and offers plenty of additional space so you can add extra pages and information from your IVF clinic and other providers. The interior pocket provides a place to store business cards, photos and notes.