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The New Adoption Choice

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Embryo donation and adoption are not household terms – yet. The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center exists for two reasons; to educate 1.) families about the opportunity to actually choose who receives their embryo donation and 2.) families that pregnancy and childbirth may still be an affordable option to IVF.

There are now well over 600,000 embryos in frozen storage in the U.S. alone, and that number grows at about 5% every year. Rather than continue to allow embryos to languish in frozen storage, why not choose to give them the chance for the life they were originally created for? More people every year are choosing embryo adoption, in fact the number doubled in 2014!

Don’t you deserve to know about ALL your options?


A blog by Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, July 7, 2015

At prices ranging from $10,000 to $15,000, embryo adoption is one of the most affordable alternative methods for building your family. We know what you’re thinking – that’s still a nice chunk of change that you may not have laying around. So how do you pay for it?


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