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New Hope Fertility Center has helped thousands of couples to achieve their dream of having a healthy baby. We understand that each patient is different. At New Hope Fertility Center, our treatments use a unique approach that emphasizes minimal stimulation for a gentler and more physiologically supportive experience. Our Mini-IVF™ and Natural Cycle IVF protocols allow us to learn about your body so that we can help you augment and enhance your own, naturally occurring fertility.

New Hope Fertility Center is composed of world-class specialists and leaders in the field of reproductive medicine. Dr. John Zhang, New Hope Fertility Center’s Medical Director and the pioneer of Mini-IVF™, has been behind several notable achievements in the area of assisted reproductive technology (ART), including the birth of a child by a 49 year-old using her own eggs, helping to restore a young woman’s fertility through a recent ovarian tissue transplant surgery in February of 2012 and bringing Egg Freezing with Vitrification to the American mainstream market.


stress free

A blog by Dr. John Zhang, New Hope Fertility, April,11th 2016

Trying to conceive can be extremely stressful for couples. This is especially true once a couple has tried to conceive for a while with no success. However, it is important to manage stress while trying to conceive, both for your health and for the strength of your relationship. Many individuals stop drinking while trying to conceive and may feel as though there aren’t many things they can do socially. Nothing is further from the truth. There are a number of things you can do for stress relief while trying to conceive.

A blog by Dr. John Zhang, New Hope Fertility, March 22, 2016

Your health and the health of your growing baby are the most important things while you’re pregnant. Despite all of the changes to your body, both mentally and physically, you want to be at your healthiest in order to provide the best environment and start for your baby. To help cope with the physical changes of pregnancy, consider meditation. Meditation has been proven to positively impact both your mind and body during pregnancy.

A blog by Dr. John Zhang, New Hope Fertility, March 8, 2016

In its infancy, in vitro fertilization treatment relied heavily upon fertility medication. Conventional IVF protocols used as many as 60 injections per cycle. As the field of fertility medicine evolved, new, more holistic approaches to IVF treatment were created. It is now possible to undergo IVF without injections.

A blog by Dr. John Zhang, New Hope Fertility, February 23, 2016

Fertility preservation is a great way to ensure a woman is able to have biological children once she’s ready to start a family. There are many methods to preserve fertility - ovarian tissue freezing is growing in popularity for women. Despite this, many people are unfamiliar with the process and the associated cost. Understanding what to expect can help you to determine if ovarian tissue freezing can address your needs.

A blog by Dr. John Zhang, New Hope Fertility, February 9, 2016

For couples who are trying to conceive, knowing how to increase the chances of conceiving is very important. Many people do not realize there is a very short window of time when a woman is able to become pregnant. Maximizing your chance of conception allows for higher a success rate and the ability to grow your family faster.


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