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Own the Process With Empowered IVF™

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Empowered IVF™ is a consulting service that provides education, information, advocacy, direction and guidance to heterosexual and LGBT couples and singles living throughout the world who are interested in building their families with assisted reproductive technology (ART) in the United States and Canada. Our mission is to help our clients navigate the world of ART in a discerning and informed fashion. We empower our clients to "own the process" and help them make smart choices and decisions, saving them time, money and heartache, and improving their likelihood of having a baby.

Empowered IVF's Founder & CEO is Rhonda Levy who, until recently, was a partner in a large, leading law firm. Since 1998, she has helped hundreds of people reach their goal of having a baby through an infertility consulting practice that she maintained on a part-time basis, while working as a lawyer. Rhonda launched Empowered IVF in February 2014, and is delighted that her passion for helping others create families is now her exclusive and full time focus.

Rhonda experienced her own struggle with infertility, which she overcame when she began to make choices like a consumer rather than a patient, and became her own best advocate. The rare combination of Rhonda's skills and personal experiences allows Empowered IVF to conduct an insightful comparative analysis of our clients' options, to clearly and powerfully communicate vitally important information, and to provide vigorous and unrelenting advocacy on their behalves. Of equal importance, Rhonda's personal struggle to become a mother has imbued Empowered IVF with deep compassion for our clients and a profound understanding of the difficult journey they are on.

Rhonda loves being a mother to her beautiful twin sons Max and Lorne, and cannot imagine her life without them. This fuels her intense passion to help others become parents, and it is at the very core of Empowered IVF.


A blog by Rhonda Levy, June 12, 2014

It is important that you make the most of your appointments with your fertility doctor. The best way to do that is to actively prepare for them in advance in the same way that you would prepare for a business meeting. The last thing you want is to become so overwhelmed while at the appointment that you forget to ask important questions. Careful preparation will help you manage the process and signal to the physician that you would like to enter into a positive and collaborative partnership.

Second opinions

A blog by Rhonda Levy, May 29, 2014

Over the last two decades, I have had the opportunity to interact with some of the most renowned luminaries in the field of reproductive medicine. From this privileged vantage point, I have been struck by the certainty and passion with which they articulate their positions, and the sincerity with which they express their beliefs.

A blog by Rhonda Levy, May 15, 2014

Sometimes I hate myself for leaving things to the last minute. But sometimes my tendency to do so turns out to be a blessing in disguise. I had made a commitment to produce this blog for publication on FertilityAuthority today. But when I sat down at my computer to write it at 9 pm last night, I didn't have even the slightest clue what I would write about. In an effort to distract myself from my misery, I began to cruise the Internet and there it was: news about the outcome of Jason Patric's appeal of the trial court decision denying him shared custody of his biological son Gus. I was no longer at a loss for what to write about!

Sperm & Egg

A blog by Rhonda Levy, May 8, 2014

Jason Patric's appeal of a lower court decision that denied his bid for shared custody of his four year old son Gus will begin today in a Los Angeles Appellate Court. The case has garnered significant media attention, including last Saturday on the front page of the New York Times in a story with an eye-catching title, "Does 'Sperm Donor' Mean 'Dad'?"

A blog by Rhonda Levy, April 24, 2014

Using Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to create your family can be overwhelming, confusing and stressful. Those who enter this world enter a daunting maze, difficult to navigate and filled with pitfalls. Many spend years spinning their wheels on the wrong track, only to realize that they "did not know what they did not know".


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