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Fertility Authority is an online service that not only provides helpful articles, content, blogs and videos on all things fertility related, but we can also help coordinate a doctor’s appointment for you. When you contact us, you're speaking to a Patient Care Advocates (PCA) who has either gone through fertility treatment or is currently going through fertility treatment now. We are on your side and want success for you; we feel passionately about helping you through your journey... every step of the way. We're not a clinic, but we have direct relationships with top clinics across the country. Our services are free - so let us help.

Below are two options in how we can best assist you:

Option One: If you’re not sure which doctor to see in your area, our Patient Care Advocates can help find a doctor for you. We research on your behalf based on your insurance, budget, location, any previous diagnosis and your overall goals -- be it infertility treatment, use of donor eggs, finding a surrogate, egg freezing or gender selection. We will give you two or more doctor options in your area to choose from and get you an appointment that works best for you.
Option Two: If you know the doctor you would like to see, you can choose either our Book Now or Request an Appointment form on the doctor or clinic's profile you'd like to see -- and we will set up the appointment for you -- oftentimes getting you in to see the doctor sooner than if you booked on your own.

With either option our services are absolutely free of charge - and we'll let you know what the consultation cost at the clinic of your choice will be.

To receive assistance in booking your fertility appointment, submit your matching request by providing your information to us here or bycalling us tollfree at 855-955-2229.

Comments (16)

Hi we lost our beautiful daughter and would like to start our family over. I had that ablation surgery done in 2011 is there any hope we can have children again?

Hi, I been trying to find a doctor that can put my eggs in Her so she can carry our baby together

Hello I have blocks tubes middle end and the beginning of the tube.i have children but would like one more.i was diagnose with p.i.d. And Curtis fitz syndrome? Never had and std but I had surgery for a tubal pregnancy and I have irregular periods

I am 32 and have never been able to conceive I've recently found out I have not only PCOS but fimbrial adhesions as well. What should I do? My desire is to be a mom and I'm anxious and no longer want to play the waiting game. I need a good doctor that will start me on a good plan

I'm so sorry you are going through this. Yes - you need a doctor who is experienced treating PCOS and adhesions. Our Patient Care Advocates can connect you with the right doctor in your area. Please call or email us: 855-955-2229 or Best, Claire

Me & my fiancé have been trying for 5 years to have a baby I conceived once but unfortunately lost it after only 8 weeks . I have irregular periods and a cys on my ovary I would like to know what exactly is the problem and why it hasn't happened for us and do i even have a chance at having a family . Please help !

I'm so sorry for your loss. Because you have been trying to have a a baby for so long, and your periods are irregular, you should see a fertility doctor. Please contact our Patient Care Advocates if you'd like us to schedule a consultation, or if you'd like more information. 855-955-2229 or Best, Claire

> Hello ! I am a 47 yr old woman from Italy with already a 5 yr old boy ..... After few failed treatment in london and barcelona now i would like to have the last one in usa as I would like to have also the chance of a girl ...... The city here i want to go is New York but, i am not able to find by my self the best clinic for the egg donation treatment with sperm donor ..... Can u pls help me ?!!! > Waiting for yr reply, I thanks u for the attention and cooperation ! > Kind regards, Annalisa rossato

Me and my husband have been trying to conceive since may 2012 without any luck. I have hypothyroidism, and have an unknown reason for getting ovarian cyst. Thought maybe im estrogen dominant. I am 25, iv changed my diet paid close attention to ovulation. My husband and i currently can not afford health insurance and cannot afford alot. But i don't think that this should stop us from being able to create the family I want. I havnt tried any otc fertility treatments or anything. Im hoping that we can find a dr we can afford and that can help us.

Please call to talk about a time for appointment

I have been trying to conceive for 4 year without a success. I will like to see a doctor for a check up to know my chances of being a mother. I have been taking some herbal fertility drugs that I get online and I am also taking some prenatal vitamins.

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