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The Patient Care Coordinators of Fertility Authority!

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When it comes to infertility, there are approximately 1500 fertility doctors in the United States that are available to help. It can be easy to get overwhelmed trying to find the right one and Fertility Authority knows that!

This is why we have Patient Care Coordinators ready to take your information (your location, your age, any diagnosis you have, if you have insurance, if you’re self-pay, etc.), and do the research for you. The Patient Care Coordinators (all who have been through fertility treatments themselves), look at how close the clinic is to you, what the success rates are and what the doctors at the clinic specialize in. They then give you one or two options and book the ideal appointment time and date that works best for your schedule!

You can contact one of the Patient Care Coordinator by calling 855-955-BABY or through our online community, FertileThoughts!

JayAtFertilityAuthority: Patient Care Manager and New England Coordinator

KimAtFertilityAuthority: Fertile Thoughts Administrator, North East Coordinator

SC-Impatient_in_VA: South East Coordinator

KatheAtFertilityAuthority: Pacific Coordinator

TracyAtFertilityAuthority: Midwest Coordinator

We’re happy to help!

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