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Pomegranate and Pineapple for Infertility

Many women in the midst of fertility treatment have heard rumors of pomegranate and pineapple for helping them to get their BFP (big fat positive, as in, positive home pregnancy test). You see it everywhere in the advice of women TTC (trying to conceive) on the forums at So what’s the scoop on these fertility super foods?


Pomegranate juice is known for being rich in antioxidants and is rumored to boost fertility by increasing blood flow to the uterus, promoting uterine lining, and even boosting sperm quality in men. Drinking 8oz of 100% pomegranate juice per day of your cycle is said to be the key to increasing your baby-making potential. Proceed with caution, however, as pomegranate can interact with some statin drugs used for high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as some blood thinners.


Pineapple core, cut into 5 round sections and consumed for 5 days after embryo transfer is said to make that baby stick! Bromelain found in the core reduces inflammation, thus it is rumored to improve uterine lining and help with endometriosis-related inflammation as well.

The verdict is still out on these super fertility foods, but they certainly can’t hurt! Recent studies show healthy diet and lifestyle are the ultimate fertility boosters and miscarriage preventions. Increasing your intake of vitamin-rich produce like spinach and tomatoes are highly encouraged for promoting health, wellness, and thereby fertility. While you're at it, try decreasing your caffeine intake and drinking more water, too.

Tell us your experiences with fertility super foods, fact or fiction, here.

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