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Put Down the Cheeseburger

Even though its barbeque season, a time we often indulge in hot dogs, burgers and fries, all of those fatty foods can have a negative effect on fertility. In fact, a study has shown that a diet high in “bad” fat can be linked to male infertility in particular by decreasing both sperm count and concentration.

For the study, researchers surveyed ninety-nine men about their diet habits and then analyzed their sperm samples. Based on their survey responses, the researchers put the men into three groups ranked in order of how much fat they consumed, and then looked how diet impacted "total sperm count" and "sperm concentration." The study found that men eating the highest amounts of saturated fats had 35% lower total sperm counts and 38% lower sperm concentration than men in the group who ate the least fat. However, men who had diets with the highest intake of “good” omega-3 fats had almost 2% more sperm than men who ate the least.

Though this study is relatively small, it’s definitely motivation to eat right when trying to conceive. It’s also motivation, if you’re at all concerned about male infertility, to make sure you see a fertility doctor. Click here to find a fertility doctor near you.

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