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Quick Ways to Relax Now

Although they have proven that stress doesn’t cause infertility, it’s certainly clear to all of us that infertility causes stress! It also doesn’t help that whenever a well-intentioned friend tells you to, “Just relax!” it can usually have quite the opposite effect! Any which way, learning to relax (even if it’s only for a few minutes a day) can do wonders for your sanity.

Although it’s not always easy to find the time, here are a few ways to distress that you can sneak in here and there throughout your day:

  • Guided imagery: Using your imagination to bring on a calm peaceful feeling. Imagine you’re at the beach, a favorite vacation spot or anywhere you feel safe and at peace. There are many guided relaxation, nature and music CD's available to help.
  • The Relaxation Response: Focus on a word or phrase that has meaning to you. As the mind wanders notice "thinking," and kindly and gently return to the phrase or word to help you focus.
  • Meditation: Breathe deeply and focus on a repetitive thought, physical sensation or sound to quiet the mind.
  • Positive thinking or affirmations: Use calming, optimistic thoughts to reverse the body's stress response.
  • Muscle relaxation: Slowly go through the body -head to feet or feet to head- relaxing muscle groups.
  • Just breathe: Even if you take one minute, close your eyes and take a deep breathe, it can help so take a moment to just breathe!
  • To learn more about fertility news, issues or advice, please visit Fertility Authority or as always, stop by FertileThoughts for emotional support!

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