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A Reminder about Being Underweight

Reality TV star turned body-builder Jodie Marsh has been in the news lately because of doctors' warnings about how her bodybuilding regimen could affect her fertility. According to reports, Marsh, who recently won a world championship, was unfazed by the warnings because she says she is open to adoption. But she admits to putting her body through a punishing exercise schedule and diet to achieve the physique she needs to compete. In a January 2012 article describing how she dropped from a size 10 to a size 6, she said: "In just 50 days I have gone from 25 percent body fat to 10 percent body fat, gained 8 pounds of muscle, and lost 20 pounds of fat. In eight weeks I have achieved what normally takes 6 to 9 months."

While most women aren't dieting and exercising to win the next body-building championship, many are staying on strict diets and rigorous exercise programs to look great in those bikinis. And while we hear a lot about how being overweight can affect fertility, sometimes we forget that being underweight is a problem, too. Why? Having too little body fat can affect the hormones needed for ovulation.

For more information on being underweight and how it can affect your fertility, see the following articles and videos:

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