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Sharing the Emotional Ride

The experiences of infertility and miscarriage are an unbelievable roller-coaster of emotions from stress and anxiety to happiness at a positive pregnancy test to a deep depression and fear of what could happen next. No one understands the ride like the women who have been there.

Reading and sharing others' experiences can help you in your family-building journey. Many of FertilityAuthority's bloggers are currently writing about the intense emotions brought about by infertility. You'll laugh (and cry) right along with them as they relay their experiences.

Here's a few to peruse:

    Former Los Angeles news anchor Suzanne Rico's blog is called "Been There, Done That. In Mommy Wannabe Part 1 and Mommy Wannabe Part 2, she explores her daunting route to motherhood and its effect on her work and her life with her husband.

    Colorado fertility nurse Traci Shahan is an infertility survivor herself. Her blog is called "Fertility Chick Chat," and in her most recent entry, My Raison D'Etre, she explains why she remains in a field "that is notorious for having the highest burn-out rate for nurses, save for oncology."

    North Carolina schoolteacher Jamie Pursley was recently thrown into the world of infertility when her uterus ruptured during her first pregnancy and she had to have a partial hysterectomy to save her life. Follow her path to parenthood via in vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy in her blog "Infertility, Surrogacy and Adoptions, Oh My!" Her most recent entry is It's My Body, Period (or No Period).

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