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Silent Sorority

What happens when a couple can't conceive after years of trying? What awaits two people who want to be parents, as they move away from the fertility treatment/adoption/mommy-and-daddy track? Silent Sorority offers a painfully honest look at a growing segment of society that is at best overlooked, and at worst, marginalized. With humor, poignancy, and grace, this book examines a little-acknowledged path and sheds light on the lasting impact infertility has on relationships, identity, and planning for the future. Pamela, shattered by her experience, goes about the difficult business of rebuilding herself and her life as a “non-mom” in an era dominated by Mom's Clubs and helicopter parents. Along the way, she discovers a welcoming sisterhood whose nurturing fellowship provides the foundation for a rebirth. This is the story of how a (barren) woman gets busy, angry, lost and found.