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Kym Campbell is a blogger who has struggled since 2011 with infertility. She started her website, Smart Fertility Choices, as a means to provide fertility information to others with the aim to empower through knowledge. Her website covers a range of topics from natural fertility solutions and emotional support to assisted reproductive medicine and fertility preservation.


A blog by Kym Campbell

Men taking antioxidant supplements to improve their fertility is a trend that is growing in close proportion to both the increasing prevalence of subfertility in couples trying to conceive, as well as the increasing awareness that male factors can be a significant problem during this potentially challenging phase in a couple’s relationship. It is well known now that male factors are the sole cause of infertility in 30% of couples who have difficulty conceiving, with another 20% attributable to both male and female factors.

A blog by Kym Campbell, September 23, 2015

While readily available, IVF statistics are a treacherous path for couples trying to make informed decisions about their IVF treatment options. The potential for misunderstanding and subsequent poor decision making is ever present without a clear understanding of what various statistics mean. Here are four of the most common traps to avoid.

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