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Staying Calm While Trying to Get Pregnant

There are many medical professionals who swear by the mind/body connection with fertility. Simple put, they believe that calmer, more relaxed bodies get pregnant easier. Then there have been studies that say it really doesn't matter one way or another if a woman is relaxed or stressed out — It doesn't seem to affect her chances of getting pregnant either way.

Whether or not it truly helps with getting pregnant, who wants to be stressed out while trying — even if someone said today: “Okay, there’s really nothing to this whole mind/body thing. You have just as much of a chance of getting pregnant if you’re bitter, hateful and pissed.” Maybe iit takes you six months of trying to get pregnant. Who wants to spend (waste) six months of their lives being bitter, hateful and pissed? Or a year? Or five years? Or even a week?

Doesn't it just make good common sense to make the journey as peaceful as possible however long or short it may be? How, you ask:

  • Exercise more — It’s hard to be stressed out while you’re sweating
  • Eat better — cut way down (if not out) on the caffeine (did someone just throw a chair at the screen?) Sugar, caffeine, fried foods … all make stressful situations feel more stressful.
  • Laugh more — talk to people who, and see movies that, make you laugh aloud every time. (Negative friends, worry warts, depressing films … maybe some other time)
  • Quiet your mind- — reathing exercises, meditation, yoga
  • Quiet your environment — soothing scented candles, tranquil lights, calming music
  • Limit your "getting pregnant" thoughts and discussions to a specific time during the day. (When that time has passed, gently push the thoughts out of your head and tell yourself you'll deal with it at your next designated time. (Stand firm!) And don't feel obligated to talk to people about it at any time just because it's convenient for them.)

Hopefully these steps will help you toward your goal of getting pregnant. They definitely will help your journey be a more peaceful one than it would be just sitting home whining into the gallon of Edy's Mocha Almond Fudge; "Why me? Why do these things always happen to me? My sister has four kids. My brother has three kids. These things never happen to other people. Great, now I'm choking on an almond. Why me? Who do these things always happen to me? My sister's never choked on an almond …"

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We are trying to get pregnant we have been through chili doctors doing different kinds of medication We did Iui , IVF and we failed all of everything i'm just looking for something to calm me down I worry about everything worry about getting pregnant my dogs families just looking for some help

Hi Jessica,

Have you considered joining a support group, an online community like, or seeing a fertility counselor? They will definitely help you cope!


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