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Stolen Sperm? Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Here's a fertility story to get you over the Wednesday Hump Day. It's "The Case of the Stolen Sperm."

A man, Joseph Pressil, is suing a Houston, TX, fertility clinic claiming "mental and economic injuries." Why? He alleges that the fertility clinic used his sperm for his girlfriend's in vitro fertilization (IVF) without his consent. The girlfriend, Anetria Burnett, gave birth to twins after the couple split up, and she has sued the man for child support.

The lawyer for Burnett claims that the couple was trying to get pregnant, that Pressil injected his girlfriend with hormone shots and that he had blood work performed and submitted to the fertility clinic around the same time as the IVF. He also said the clinic has signed consent forms and information sheets from the father.

Pressil claims that his sperm was stolen.

Talk about News of the Weird. But inquiring minds want to know: How did she steal the sperm?

One news story says Burnett used a "special condom" to collect the sperm, which was then taken to the fertility clinic. That's certainly not the "traditional" way to collect a semen sample.

Have a great Wednesday!

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