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Surviving Labor Day (and the fertile people around you)

Technically, Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of the American workers. Unofficially, it symbolizes the end of summer and is celebrated with parties and parades. When I was reading Lori Shandle-Fox's recent blog post, Labor Day: A Very Important Holiday for Infertiles, I was reminded once again that barbeques and well-intentioned gatherings are usually family oriented and can be rather difficult when you’re all too familiar with infertility issues.

I was especially was reminded of this yesterday when I was at a pool party and a woman walked in with four kids and pregnant with her fifth. “I’m just very fertile! I never had any issue getting pregnant at all!”, she said to me. The rational, logical person in me was happy for her. The person who went through years of in vitros, inseminations and spent more money than I care to think about wanted to push her in the pool. (Don't worry. I didn't)

In order to help you get through the Labor Day events (and avoid physical violence), here are some terrific articles and blogs that have been featured on Fertility Authority that can help get you through the day of children, huge families and fertile people:

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And as always, stop by FertileThoughts for support!

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