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Tampa, FL, Fertility Guide


Florida is a large state with a total of 29 fertility clinics throughout the state. Four of those fertility clinics are located on Florida’s West Coast in Tampa, an area that includes St. Petersburg and Clearwater.

You should have no trouble finding a fertility clinic that is the “right fit” for you — Tampa fertility clinics range from independent clinics to those associated with area universities or hospitals. There are 11 fertility doctors working in Tampa area fertility clinics. As you explore the different choices of fertility clinics and fertility doctors, look at information about fertility treatments and success rates, and remember that each fertility clinic has different strengths. You should try to choose the Tampa fertility clinic that you feel most comfortable with and that is strong in treating your infertility diagnosis.

Infertility treatment is expensive, and unfortunately Florida is not one of the 15 states that require insurance coverage for fertility treatments. However, certain private plans may provide some coverage, so it is recommended you talk directly with your health care plan’s provider to inquire about coverage for diagnostics and treatment. Some residents in Florida are campaigning for a mandate to require insurance coverage for infertility treatments. Florida residents can read and sign the Florida Infertility Insurance Mandate Petition online.

If you are interested in researching fertility treatment success rates and statistics for individual Tampa area clinics, a good resource is the 2008 Assisted Reproductive Technology Report compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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