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Three Water-Cooler Topics for a Thursday Morning

So, it's Thursday morning, and everyone's gathered around the coffee-maker, munching on their bagels and talking about weekend plans. Would you like to stun them with a few topics that they may not be aware of?

To sound really smart:

    "Hey, did you know the seven-billionth human is expected to be born on Monday? Yeah, I know that sounds like a lot and we have to worry about overcrowding, but don't worry, there are now 75 countries in the world where the average woman has fewer than two children. In fact, Japan is losing more people than they're gaining.

To show your concern for other's health (and keep from getting sick yourself):

    Has everyone gotten their flu shots? You know, even if you're pregnant you should get one. Flu shots don't cause miscarriages, and they actually give the baby protection from the flu after he or she is born.

And if you really want to delay work and stir up a lively political debate:

    "Yeah, Mississippi's all set to vote on the 'Personhood Amendment.' That's really going to set women's rights back 40 years."

Have a great Thursday!

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