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Tyra Banks and Wendy Williams on Egg Freezing

She may have coined the less than catchy phrase “Smize” (smiling with your eyes), but when it comes to fertility, Tyra Banks is onto something.

In a recent segment on the Wendy Williams show, Banks and Williams talked fertility. Much to our surprise, both stars spoke fairly accurately about egg quality and aging.

Outspoken host Williams asked career-centric Banks (38) if she had considered egg freezing for fertility preservation. She jokingly replied that her eggs are probably poached or fried by now, recognizing the effects of a woman’s age on her fertility.

The supermodel turned fashion mogul is just beyond the recommend age range for fertility preservation, between the late 20s to early 30s. Female fertility declines significantly by the time we reach 35 years of age.

However, children - particularly through adoption - have been on Banks’ mind since she was just 9 years old. “Whether it’s freezing, whether it’s adoption... whatever it is, I’m going to have children… have to have children,” the star declared.

You can watch more clips from the segment here: Tyra Banks Talks Egg Freezing and Adoption on the Wendy Williams Show.

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