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I’ve often joked that Facebook should be called ‘Fertilitybook’. Of course I’m usually happy when a friend shares news that they are expecting, or posts a sonogram picture or even photos of their children… but whenever I’ve been knee deep in an IVF Cycle or especially after I’ve received a negative pregnancy test, I admittedly wouldn’t mind not being reminded at that exact moment that others are far more fertile than I.

So, when I heard about, I thought it might interest those who are struggling with various infertility, issues. It is a plug-in that detects certain key words (Examples: pregnant, baby, newborn, etc. ) and replaces the photo associated with the keywords with another picture from an RSS feed. The current default RSS feed is photos of cats but you can replace it with other pictures of your choosing. You can find on the Chrome Web store and it is said to be easy to install and uninstall (depending on your current emotional state).

This isn’t for everyone and no doubt, many will be offended at but so far, it has received over 41,000 Facebook likes, so clearly there’s a market for removing baby photos whether you have infertility issues or not!

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