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Vitameatavegamin ...

Remember the classic I Love Lucy episode where Lucy is hired to act as the "Vitameatavegamin girl" in a television commercial? She's promoting a "health tonic" that contains healthy amounts of vitamins, meat, vegetables and minerals — along with an unhealthy dose of alcohol. It's a laugh-out-loud episode as she becomes progressively intoxicated and flubs the commercial's lines.

"It's so tasty too! Just like candy!"

You don't have to resort to spoonfuls of Vitameatavegamin (if there were such a thing) to get the nutrients you need for a successful pregnancy. (The alcohol in that concoction would definitely be a no-no!) Eating a healthy diet and getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals is a better choice to help you on your way. In fact, a small British study has found that while undergoing fertility treatment, women who take a multiple micronutrient supplement containing vitamins A,C and E, as well as zinc and selenium, have a higher chance of conceiving.

A certain redhead would say: "Join the thousands of happy, peppy people" and increase your intake of healthy vitamins and nutrients. For more information about the study on vitamin supplements and fertility treatment, click here.

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