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Westchester County, NY, Fertility Guide


There are more than 30 fertility clinics in New York State; three of these fertility clinics are in Westchester County. The fertility clinics, in Hartsdale, White Plains, and Yorktown Heights, offer a full range of diagnostic tests and fertility treatments .

How can you choose the right Westchester County fertility clinic for your diagnosis and treatment? While some fertility clinics may specialize in treating certain conditions, or have fertility doctors on staff who are experts in particular procedures, you’ll find that most fertility clinics offer similar procedures. Fertility treatment protocols may vary, as will the personalities of the fertility clinics and fertility doctors. Scheduling an infertility consultation with a fertility doctor will give you an idea of what your fertility treatment plan may entail, and will give you the opportunity to see if you and the fertility doctor are a good fit. You may also want to think about logistics: Does the fertility clinic offer evening or weekend hours? What will the commute be?

Westchester County fertility doctors are leaders in the field of infertility. They offer a wide variety of treatments such as IUI, as well as more advanced options like egg donation, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Some fertility clinics offer other options such egg freezing.

Surrogacy agreements are considered void and against public policy, according to New York State Law. New Yorkers who are using surrogacy must choose a surrogate who resides in another state. It is vital you retain the services of a reproductive law.

Fertility treatments can be expensive. New York is one of 15 states that does have an infertility insurance mandate in place, which requires insurance plans to provide coverage for some infertility treatments. This law excludes coverage for IVF procedures. Some fertility clinics offer financing programs and have financial counselors to help you determine how to pay for fertility treatment.