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What is a ‘Fresh Feeling’ Anyway?

For years, we’ve seen commercials where women ask each other, “Do you ever have that ‘not-so-fresh-feeling’?” Aside from the fact that I have never engaged in a conversation even remotely similar to this with any of my girlfriends (or female relatives for that matter), I don’t even know what a fresh feeling actually is!

This was why I was a little surprised to see that Poise products are coming out with a new line that targets fifty million American women who are or will soon go through menopause. The line will include lubricant for vaginal dryness, panty freshener stickers, feminine wash and cooling towelettes. You’d think that once your period stops, so does the marketing to make your private area smell like a field of daisies!

Whether you’re in menopause or not, avoiding these feminine hygiene products is standard medical advice. This is especially true for women trying to conceive. Not only can douching or sprays change the normal pH balance in the vagina but it can also cause inflammation or other allergic reactions that create a hostile environment for sperm. And who wants that?

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